Sanblue Corporation Limited

CIN: L15400GJ1993PLC020073
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Sanblue Corporation Ltd is a widely held limited Company, listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) India, with its registered office in the city of Ahmedabad, (GUJ.) India.

The company is doing business as a Merchant bankers, Portfolio Managers, Underwriters, Sub-Underwriters, Consultants for Capital issue, investment consultants and management advisors corporate bodies, individual and others in commercial and industrial management, to project evaluation, feasibility studies, project reports, forecasts and surveys and to give expert advice and suggest ways and means for improving efficiency in business organizations, whether by amalgamation, mergers, de-mergers or otherwise in any manner and concern and industries of all kinds subject to regulatory approvals and to act as a consultant or technical advisor or management consultant independently or together either in India or abroad.